Hello πŸ‘‹ I am a Sr. DevOps Engineer based in Europe who loves to code and tinker with software (occasionally with hardware too). I love to write about DevOps, Programming, Security, and Game Development.

I consider myself an educator and I receive an enormous amount of pleasure when I manage to transfer my knowledge to others.

I am also a huge fan of cinema, martial arts, and winter sports! I consider myself a futurist always eager to explore new frontiers.

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Below are the technologies I am experienced in and use daily


I am a detail-oriented and self-driven Sr. DevOps Engineer, working with both enterprise and SMB customers. Throughout my career I learned how important strong technical expertise is when it comes to building solutions, as the smallest detail could alter the whole plan of the project. I consider myself a bright generalist with many interests which I most often connect all together so that each of those contribute to a broad skill-set.



April 2022 Β· Present

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Luxoft / SKF

After two years at Accedia, I decided to part ways with them but it turned out that the customer I was working for liked what I've done for them and decided to reach out back to me. This resulted in me working for the same customer.


  • Support teams with infrastructure architecture designs / reviews
  • Support teams with technical implementation of new technologies
  • Code reviews of external contractors' code
  • Implementation of new technology stacks (Grafana, Prometheus, Pagerduty, similar)
  • Upgrades of our existing Kubernetes / Terraform infrastructure
  • Crafting POCs and presenting them to company board meetings
  • Evaluate colleagues' performance
  • JavaScript/TypeScript/Node.JS: I’ve built a full-fledged serverless web application I wrote by myself that had the functionality that another team’s been trying to implement for a couple of months.
  • 3 internal APIs built: Changing lines in GIT, Generating and updating Azure APIM local gateway key, Generating Azure bearer tokens
  • GitOps, Kubernetes: I managed to extend our previous stack to include monitoring, and automate the deployment to all clusters. I created pipelines that automatically update Kubernetes versions which removed a lot of the manual work that needed to be done. I created OPA pipelines that automatically evaluated the Terraform Plan response and executed specific actions


May 2020 Β· Feb 2022

DevOps Engineer


I was the first DevOps in the company (software consultancy). I extended the DevOps team by 5 people with my coming and created training resources for DevOps engineers. I worked on 2 projects there and on the first one I made hiring 4 more people possible.


  • Training new coming devops engineers
  • Creating an intern plan, as well as the training materials
  • Evaluate internal tests for DevOps engineers
  • Work with clients

  • Kubernetes (ArgoCD, Helm, Jsonnet, on-prem k3s, Azure Stack Edge: hybrid cloud solution for kubernetes)
  • Docker
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Terraform, Consul, Ansible
  • Bash Scripting, Python
  • Azure, AWS

Sentia Group

May 2019 Β· May 2020

Jr. System Administrator, Sentia Services

Sentia Group

Being my first job, working in Sentia, I learned the importance of reaction and stress resilience in a Mission-Critical environment. I was part of a team supporting enterprise clients on a 24/7 contract with strict SLAs. I was in constant communication with executives and solution architects which helped me elevate my soft skills in a business environment. From operational point of view, I worked on 12-hr shifts keeping all environments up and running, while performing software/system updates, surprising patches and security hardening of the infrastructure.

The key technologies I work with or gained knowledge, above fundamental, are:

  • MSSQL, MySql, PostgreSQL
  • Apache, Nginx, IIS
  • Linux(RedHat and Debian distributions) and Windows(Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016)
  • HAProxy, Varnish, F5 LBs
  • VMWare vSphere, Azure, AWS

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