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My Writings

Along with coding and designing I also like to write about life and technology. Here are some of my recent posts.

"X-Forwarded-For" or how to restrict access to Apache while using CloudFlare

### In this post, you can learn how to restrict access to your Apache(with X-Forwarded-For header) while using Cloudflare.

Posted on Sep 13, 2020

How to use Socket.IO: Not the chat!

In this post, you will learn how to use socket.io. We will not be going for the usual chat application but with a game instead.

Posted on Sep 28, 2020

6 HTML tags you might not know

In this post, we will go through 6 HTML tags you might not know. We will explore MAP, PICTURE, and more.

Posted on Jun 06, 2021

I stopped my neighbor's Wi-Fi access. Here is why (and how).

Sometimes communication between people is indirect. And sometimes communication is forced - you just can't get to escape it. In this particular case, I managed to escape a forced indirect communication with technology. Here are the details!

Posted on Sep 17, 2021

AWS or Azure: The 5-Criteria Choice

Deciding whether you should use AWS or Microsoft Azure for your project is a crucial step for any business. No matter your organization size, this question has been troubling a lot of decision makers throughout the years and is most-likely one of the first questions that appear in every project manager, solutions architect, or even higher executives' heads at the start of every new project. Taking in mind what is already available on the web, this post is going to uplift the discussion of AWS vs Azure one more layer by providing not only the general comparison of the two providers, but also include a theoretical and use-case sections.

Posted on Apr 21, 2022

How to make screenshots in Laravel with Browsershot

Browsershot is a software by Spatie that converts a webpage into an image or PDF by utilising a headless instance of Chrome. In this post, you will learn how to install it in your Laravel application and use it.

Posted on Apr 28, 2022

My Projects

Here are some of my recent projects. I'm always working on something new, so check back often!

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