OPS Thoughts - Notepad for Operations

OPS Thoughts - Notepad for Operations

What is this all about?!

Hi there, $user! Welcome to 'OPS Thoughts'. This is a place where I share my expertise within the OPS world and also create notes on a variety of operational work, primarily within the cloud (AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean). I hope you find something useful and save a minute or two!


Cost Reports

  • Create custom Cost Explorer filters and save them as cost reports. Saves a lot of time!


  • Always tag your resources because your account will start to look unmanageable.
  • Create resource groups in the tag editor for faster information gathering.

Multi-account structure

  • Make use of Control Tower
  • If you are using Azure AD, make sure to setup the Azure AD authentication as soon as possible as all of your users outside of AD will be deleted once you migrate.


Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Never deploy a VM with WVD. Deploy it through the host pool with the 'Add' button. From my experience, when I tried to deploy it through the WVD, the deployment time was too high and it failed. Therefore the machine was not suitable for application uses.


I don't really have any thoughts about DigitalOcean yet which in itself is a proof how much better DO is than AWS and Azure. Everything is documented in their forum and the whole platform is made super easy to use. 100% recommended!

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