'1-click' install for Laravel + Voyager


  • Apache2
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • PHP
  • Git
  • Composer


Hey, $user! Today I'll share with you how to install Laravel + Voyager with only "1-click". Well, you guessed it - it's a script. My script. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Anyway, for the ones who don't know what Voyager is - let me explain. Voyager is the ultimate admin panel for Laravel. I suggest you watch a quick video from DevDojo to get more understanding of why Voyager is a great ally to have on your side!

Only two things are required from you:

  1. Clone the script in directory of your choice (or wget it):
git clone https://github.com/ascii-naut/voyager_with_laravel.git
  1. Run it.


I will not be doing a full walk-through for each line, yet I want to highlight some key points.


The Variables "section" is pretty straight forward. The only thing I want to pay attention here is the following:

DBPASSWORD="$(openssl rand -base64 12 | tr -d \"=/\")

Sometimes when the password add the special characters '=; /; \;' the whole script crashes ?.

Voyager Install and Config

The word 'frustrated' would not be enough to express how I felt until I found where the problem is. I need you to remember the following line:

find /var/www/$SITE/laravel/config/app.php -type f -exec sed -i "168i TCG\\\\Voyager\\\\VoyagerServiceProvider::class," {} \;

So what's the deal with it? Well, when you try to escape a character, usually you do one simple back-slash (\). However, when you want to escape a back-slash you have to enter 3 of these little guys. As a 'not-senior' guy, the debugging part was hell for me and I purged a lot of my time before I found the real problem. Anyway, when you want to escape \ , just turn it into \\\\ .


If we don't setup the permissions of our Laravel project, it will throw exceptions at us and we don't want that. We setup permissions.

"That's all, Folks"

Yup, that's all. I hope you find this handy. Bye!

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See you terminal cowboy!