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I am Dennis / Denislav and I am doing IT for about 2years6months already. I consider myself a futurist with interest in anything tech-related. I constantly find new technologies to get obssessed with and try to do my best to be average at them. The time I have been working in IT has been ultra-dynamic and I have learned more than I ever imagined is possible (for me).

Outside of tech, my hobbies include anything that can keep me focused and improve my attention-span by not being boring! Some of which - boxing, snowboarding, drawing, writing. Cinema is also a huge part of my life.

And that's me!


Game Development

I am a huge fan of games and game development. I have been doing projects in Unity for about 4 years already.

Fun fact: I only finished one game in all of these 4 years. I guess I just love to play around with the engine 🤷‍♂ī¸.


Web Development

I found out that I actually love web development when it comes to building my projcts. Funny how much you can like something once you start doing it for yourself. By building for myself I learned some PHP, some Laravel, some Node.JS. I learned a lot of CSS, a lot of HTML. I learned some Vue.JS.
I also learned a lot of JS libraries, by mistake.

No, seriously...
I hate creating websites...
At least if these websites are not mine!


System Administration

Okay, so I started my tech journey as a Jr. SysAdmin. I've been working with huge clients and I simply can't get to run away from the operations part of me. I am so attached to the operations part of internet, I have become a DevOps... I guess I will always be setting-up environments and fixing errors!


Community Engagement

I have become a lot more proactive in the community part of the internet and I have decided to engage more with the companies and technologies I like. This lead to becoming a DigitalOcean Navigator which has opened many opportunities for me to advance and provided me the people to support me with my endeavours.

The program is new and is oriented at people who want to help the developer community by:

💠 written content
💠 video content
💠 open-source contributions
💠 public speaking
💠 much more!

If you are interested in helping the developer community, don't hesitate to apply !



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