Get to know me and what I do.



I am Dennis / Denislav and I've been doing IT for about an 1y6m already. I am constantly discovering new technologies to get attached to and after a month or two I move on to the next one. These 1y6m has been ultra-dynamic and I learned more than I have learned for 5 years in high-school. My main hobbies include computers, electronics and games. Movies & anime are also a huge part of my life. I consider myself a futurist who believes anybody can learn anything.


Game Development

I am a huge fan of games and game development. I have been doing projects in Unity for about 4 years already. Fun fact: I only finished one game in all of these 4 years. I guess I just love to play around with the engine :man-shrug:.


Web Development

Recently I found out that I actually love web development when it comes to building my projcts. Funny how much you can like something once you start doing it for yourself. No, seriously... I hate creating websites... at least if these websites are not mine.


System Administration

Okay, so I started my tech journey as a Jr. SysAdmin. I've been working with huge clients and I simply can't get to run away from the operations part of me. I am so attached to the operations part of internet, I have become devOPS... Anyway, I guess I will be setting-up environments and fixing problems for the time being!


Contact me about?

What can you contact me about? Well, you can contact me about basically anything. Feeling like suggesting me a project? Contact me! Feeling like you want a buddy to do a project? Contact me! Feeling like you need help with any of my posts? Contact me! Yeah... you get the idea. If you want to contact me -

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